Get out for a Walk as a Backpacker

Hello beautiful people! Today the Go out for a Walk became international!

After 7 years planing, saving money as crazy, studying and work as a slave, I’m finally ready to start to live as a backpacker while I work online. It was a trick path, and I had to make some tough choices, professionals and personals ones. But no dream is for free, right?! Every sacrifice I made was a price to pay to be able to do what I want. But this is not just my merit, I confess that I’m one of the luck ones. I born in a family that I never had to worry about paying bills, we weren’t rich, but I was never hungry, my mon paid my schools and university. So I could focus just in achieve my dreams. And this becoming true is as much hers conquest as mine. Thank you mom! <3

This blog is my way of keeping track of my travels and also sharing my happiness with you all, after all good happiness, is shared happiness, so I hope you like! ;P

Contribute with the environment

  • Take your trash
  • Collect rubbish if possible

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