Netherlands: Amsterdam

I think this post was the one I considered the most about posting or not. Amsterdam is a city known for the tourism of some topics that may be considered inappropriate, such as prostitution and the consumption of… things.

So, after considering for long 30 seconds, I decided this will be one of the stories that will be exclusive to bars. But I would like to leave my opinion on one of the topics.

Prostitution, when it’s a person’s choice, like what happens in the Netherlands, it’s a personal choice and I don’t have to have any opinion about it, I just have to respect it. But in other parts of the world where people resort to prostitution because they need money to eat and live, it is not a choice, it is a form of slavery, are the results of corrupt, elitist and absent governments. Change is a slow but extremely necessary process to achieve equality. And I will always fight for it.

But back to the topic of the article, when we meet ask me about Amsterdam, I assure you there will be good laughs! And do not think that’s all, for the post is worth something I separated some images of this city that is a wonder! 🙂

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