Seville Sky, Spain

I always say that I traveled alone for 4 years but the truth is that I was just really alone when I chose. (Thing that will drive you crazy but that will teach you how to be happy, but this is a tale for another story)
Making friends while traveling alone is super easy. Everyone there wants to make friends, so just go to the living room and literally smile at anyone and say hi. There, you made a new friendship!

Of course, you will always have those same questions:
Where are you from?
How long have you been traveling?
Have you ever visited x, or y? blah blah blah

Sometimes you will become a friend of a being who will take you to eat chocolate at the grandmother’s house where no one there speaks the same language and you don’t know what to do other than smile and wave. But again this is a story for another tale.

Continuing, arriving in Seville I invited myself to play a strange game of cards with a group of friends, as I didn’t know how to play, the people had fun winning, and it turned out that they won my whole itinerary as well.
You see, I wasn’t in Seville to visit, I was going to skydive and work. I wasn’t going to stay for long, but it turned out that it was so cool that I ended up doing: skydiving, drinking beer, playing cards, and occasionally working. And on one of the days that I decided that I was really going to work, they got tired of seeing me sitting in front of the computer and forced me to win a free ride around the city on the bicycle “buggy” they worked on! So despicable! I want to work and people make me have fun!

And look at that ugly sky that I was forced to watch! An outrage!

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