Trincomalee Sky, Sri Lanka

Guys, think of a place that is as beautiful as is hot! Trincomalee is wonderful, but it is too hot my people! Too hot! And there is no fan or air conditioning in the world that will solve it. At least not when I was there.

You see, in 2019, the country was going through an energy crisis, which resulted in a cut of energy for at least 4 hours a day, EVERY DAY! And guys, get ready for a revelation. Without power, neither fan nor air conditioning work. 😱🤯

But then, the cut time changed according to the place you are, and in Trincomalee, it was inevitably every day at 9 am. Which resulted in awakening in a huge heat, all sweaty and with the sheets wet with sweat, so delightful.

Tongue twister time!!! 🤪
All sweaty and with the sheets wet with sweat
All sweaty and with the sheets wet with sweat
All sweaty and with the sheets wet with sweat


And worse, to solve the problem, we had to make the immense sacrifice of staying on the beach, cooling off in the sea all day.
So much suffering in this life !!

But back to the topic of the post, the sky of Trincomalee.
Living next to the beach, and chilling all day, what we did most was to explore the place. And one day we decided to go to dinner in a restaurant further away. And on the way, we suffered a very violent attack.
We survived, but with trauma.

To get to the restaurant, we followed the directions of Google Maps and at one point it told us to go stay straight, it seemed a little strange, as if it were someone’s land, but am I going to debate with Google? If he says continue, I’ll continue right ?!

As soon as we passed the “gate” two huge dogs left the balcony of the only house on the land and came running and barking after us.
Calmly, in despair, we turned around and left

I, in my innocence, suggested:
– Do not run or they will attack us
My friend in the greatest wisdom:
-Run! They are already attacking us! 🤦🏽‍♀️

It makes sense! 🤷🏽‍♀️

As soon as we left the property the dogs left us in peace, and in the end, the new path was much better.
This photo up there is from there. The moon rising in the sea, behind the palm trees, in a corridor between the beach and the tuc-tucs.

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