Accommodation Tips

Man, I still remember some years ago when I booked a hostel for a family trip on the beach that was terrible. Actually, it wasn’t that terrible, but my mom hated, and she remembers me of that everytime I’m moving to a hostel to another one. Saying, to put yourself in one of that shit places. Duuude, hostels are not bad! They are awesome to meet people, but moms never understand those things. And another thing, you’re traveling, you will be out all day walking around, you just need a bed and a bathroom. Well, once in Morocco I ended up going to a hostel that was actually a hangar full of mattresses on the floor, dude, not good at all, even I have some standards, there are not many, bordering on nonexistence, but still some.

  • Always search the hotels/hotels on the internet
    My favorite is (Discount coupon: A9301659)
  • Read the reviews and see the photos over there
  • I like to search the prices online and get then go to the place without reservation, sometimes they charge cheaper than the website, and if they charge more I have a print of the website. Just be aware to have more than one option in case of the place is full
  • Cheap accommodation is hostel and camping. Hotels are for rich people! 
  • Another option of cheap stay is couchsurfing
  • Depending on your destination, you won’t find the cheap places online. So just go for a walk and search for something
  • Sometimes cheaper places don’t worth it, always thinking in your safety, specially for us, women, the world sucks for us sometimes. 
  • Always check the check-in and check-out times.
  • It’s okay to arrive early at the place, usually if the room is not occupied, they let you in. But ask if you don’t have to pay an early check-in, but in any case they always let you leave your bags somewhere
  • Several hostels around the world let you leave your bag there after you check out or even for a few days while you go to some tour or trekking


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