Backpack Tips

Honey, I love to travel, but I hate to pack. Seriously, when I went to pack my backpack for my big trip I stayed for three days sleeping on the couch because I had put everything I wanted/had on the bed and could not organize anything, so I used to sit on the floor looking at all not knowing what to do. It was a necessary intervention of my dear friend Bruna Iha for something start. She already arrived at my place telling me that I did not need some five hundred things that were there, and what I needed was to make thousand of hard choices, she kept making me choose between A and B, a terrible human being, but during the trip I thanked her with all my heart, after all, everything we take, we have to carry.

But it’s not always like that, in my case, weight and practicality are very important, but these priorities vary according to your trip, so I would say the first thing to consider before starting to pack up suitcase is in your type of trip and in the destination. Where are we going? How long are we going to stay? It’s sunny? Is it rainy? It’s cold? What activities will we do?

I like to work with lists, so I’ll separate several lists for you to prepare your suitcase without any mistake. Starting with things to consider before you even start.

  1. What’s the best bag to carry?
    If you’re going for a trail, better not be the wheeled suitcase. But if you go to work for a week in Paris it might be something more standard.
  2. What is your destiny? And what can you use there?
    It is very important to consider the place, there are countries that using shorts are ok, but there are some places that this is not a good idea, even if it is hot.
    Folks, considering the culture of the place you are visiting helps you not to disrespect anyone in the way and also to feel comfortable throughout the trip.
  3. What is the weather forecast for the date of your trip?
    Needless to say, why this point matters, right ?! Knowing if it’s going to be cold, hot, rainy or snowy you avoid carrying a summer suitcase into the snow.
    I like to use this site to check
  4. What is the planning of the trip?
    With the activities you’re going to do defined, you can make a suitcase with no extra weight and also without taking something important OK, with these considerations, let’s go to the general tips lists
    Aaah, man, I love to list, I’m the kind of person who makes lists of lists to do ♥
  • Check the weight of the bag, many airlines will charge you for extra weight
  • Put padlock in all pockets of the bag
  • Organize your suitcase in layouts
  • Arrange the suitcase in order of need
    Ex: Pajama, towel, and slipper in easy access
  • Think ahead what you will use each day
  • Take clothes that don’t crumble
  • Take clothing for a maximum of 7 days, and wash it during the trip.
  • Take clothes that aloud as many combinations as possible
  • Take some pieces that you’ll not feel sorry for leaving if you need space in the suitcase
  • Try and check all your clothes before you pack
  • Always leave a free space in the bag for future purchases.
  • If you’re going to a cold place and are carrying big clothes, it’s worth to buy one of those vacuum bags
  • Use small packages to carry hygiene and beauty products in a compact way
  • Optimize spaces by putting things inside the others
  • Wrap clothes to optimize spaces
  • Use a plastic bag to close the pot of things that can leak
  • If your bag is one that everyone can have the same, tie a ribbon on the handle, this helps no one to get by mistake
  • The weight of the suitcase recommended by orthopedists is 10% of their body weight

As I said, I love to make lists, so I prepared some list of what to take in your bag. There are a lot of things that you can remove from here according to your need and priorities. And another thing, if there is still doubt, I will clarify, I am a woman, so it may be that it’s not that good lists for men. But the list is just to help you get an idea.