Transport tips

So my dear friend,
For you arrive at your destination, unless you are Spock, you’ll need a transportation right?!
So here are the transportation tips:

During the trip:

  • Search for the cheapest means of transportation in the place, sometimes it is a bus, sometimes a train, sometimes an airplane. Changes a lot from place to place
  • Hitchhiking or rides apps in Europe are great and super safe
    (Women, alone can be dangerous, but you go with your feeling,  you know, feel the vibe)
  • Always carry a coat on the hand bag, the AC on bus sometimes are crazy
  • Do you know that hitchhiker on the street? It works, write on a card the destination
  • Use public transport, cheaper than taxi and there is everywhere

For airline tickets:

  • To avoid turbulence choose a chair on the wing of the airplane
  • Use your milles wisely, it’s not always a good business
  • Use your browser’s anonymous mode to search and purchase tickets
  • Search for prices in advance. I like to start comparing prices around 4 months before. I like to make a spreadsheet in Excel to organize me
  • Search on the way and round-trip tickets separated. It’s a lot of work, but it might be worth it. Here’s an example:
  • If you are going to travel without a date back, you will need a return ticket to be able to leave the country or maybe even enter the other one, so to not have to pay a fortune you can a Fly Onward app. For around 10 dollars they give you a temporary ticket. It work, I already used several times
  • Golden tip: Airport queues will always be full right ?! So remember, most of the time there is more than one bathroom at the airport, so just keep waking to the next one or in other floors