Travel planning Tips

Are you planning to do the right thing and go for a trip but need help in how to fo it or plan it? Don’t worry, years of practice gave me a good experience in that subject. So here it goes some of my best tips: 

  • Check the weather forecast of your destination, on the date of your trip (it’s no use knowing if it’s going to rain there today if you’ll only be leaving in 3 months)
  • See the most appropriate travel date of your destination (Some activities are only open in certain months of the year)
  • Check the agenda of the places where you go, sometimes there’s a cool festival
  • Plan arrival at your destination for morning or with daylight, arriving at night can be dangerous.
    But if that’s the only way, it’s good to have some of the main information offline, like your hotel name, address, and map. Oh, and send a message to yours hostel/hotel about the time you will arrive
  • Diversify the financial: Take cash on the international card and in cash. And everything in separated places, that is, one part in the wallet, another part hidden in the bag, another part in the pocket of the yellow suit jacket crumpled in the bottom of the bag
  • Try to buy some local currency before arrival, if you arrive at night and need a taxi it will be more expensive if you just have dollars
  • Take money in dollars too, it is accepted all over the world and it’s easy to exchange
  • Research the currency exchange in advance, and buy in separate places and dates, that way you avoid losing money. I also use the XE Currency app, it helps me to know the best deals
  • Take a photo of your documents and tickets. Leave them on your cell phone and also send them to your and a friend email
  • Always carry 3 × 4 and 5 × 7 photos, they are useful in a variety of situations, including airports, to make the visa on arrival
  • Send a copy of your screenplay to some close relative or friend
  • Pay all bills that expire before your return, it’s sucks come back with the light cut off
  • Leave a copy of your keys with someone close to you, in case you lose it on the trip
  • To avoid damaging the device cables during travel, place a pen spring on the cable ends
  • Use the plane mode of your phone so you do not spend a lot of battery 
  • Find the places wi-fi password via Foursquare
  • Buy a Universal Socket Adapter
  • Keep in mind that the tourist attractions are just starting points, remember the trip is much more than it is on the internet.
  • Having photos of the places is cool. But do not forget to enjoy the view!