Planning your trip

When you have a special destination in mind with the days counted, you want to make the most of your trip. Nobody deserves to go to that cool place and come back with that feeling that there was more to see. So it’s always the best to do a plan, having an itinerary with all the best places, activities,  address, prices, and tips, that way you can enjoy everything, and more. But, for doing it right, all that takes a lot of time. And nowadays who has this blessed thing as time? I do!!! 😛 Kind of, not really, and as don’t I learned how to do all those stuff with good quality and efficiency. Send me a message and let’s plan the best for your next trip! 

I make list, photo album, sheet in Excel and still accept long audios in Whatsapp to know everything about it. Better than that is just two of that.
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