To save money Tips

I think this is the best page in the whole site, tips to save money. My dear, believe me, I am the greatest Tight-fisted, Penny-pincher, Stingy, Scrooge, Parsimonious in history, and believe me, if you want anything big in life, you will need to learn how to spend your money. Unless you’re filthy rich. Then don’t bother, just go have some fun! 

  • Always choose cheap accommodation: stay in the hostel
  • Always use discount coupons
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  • Most of the tourism agencies are very expensive
  • Avoid scheduling tours, it is always cheaper if you go directly in the place, especially in Asia
  • Negotiate the price, cry, make drama
  • Don’t eat in expensive restaurants, the local restaurants are always the best and the cheapest
  • Buy food and cook (most hostels have kitchens, especially in Europe)
  • Make your plans in advance
  • Optimize your route, that is, check the map to make the best route
  • Always prefer shorter roads by land than long ways by airplane (those flying things are expensive)
  • Avoid big cities, they tend to be more expensive and, at least for me, not that fun
  • Join with groups in the hostel, sharing the trip is always cheaper
  • Did you meet a cool local person? Get a seat on the couch, and for that I mean, all the couch for the night!
    Safety Tip: Send the photo of the person you’re staying with the name and address to someone you trust
  • Buy things ate the same places that the locals are buying
  • Wash your clothes in the shower
  • Make the longer trips at night, so you save on accommodation
  • Avoid the high season of places, everything always gets more expensive
  • Prioritize what you want to do
  • Sleep in airports and buses, if you’ll arrive at night and leave in the morning, Why will you spend money with hostel?
    But attention here: some airports do not allow you to stay there overnight
  • You do not have to buy presents for everyone. I buy only for my mother, and I’m lying here, I’m from Brazil, we need to buy presents for everybody! But you can ignore that thing if you’re not Brazilian.

Save money is a big thing to achieve some goals. But don’t ever, like EVER, stop enjoying the moment or life. The best thing about achieving a goal is the road to it. Enjoy every moment, just learn how to choose which moments worth your money!