Travel Tips

I think the hardest part of the trip is the one that you stop and think, is everything okay? Am I ready? So usually at this time I lie on the floor of my room and think of life as I make little angel moves on the floor. Not that’s helpful, but I wanted to share that 😛

After years of traveling around and living as a backpacker, I ended up learning a lot of tricks along the way, a lot of them when I was at the edge of my luck or by sharing experiences with other travelers. And as share is living, and also because I’m a really cool person😘, I’ll share some tricks here with you.

  • Travel insurance: World Nomads
  • Discount coupon: A9301659
  • Map app: 
    Map application:
    Brazil, Europe, the Western world in general: Google Maps
    Africa, Asia, Eastern countries: (I use everywhere in the world)
  • For currency exchange, I always find the best values in banks and I use the app XE Currency to check if the rate is good
  • Student Card for discounts: ISIC
  • International phone area: ChatSim