Vietnam: Volunteer English Teacher

This program I found it totally by chance, so, I told a friend I was going to Vietnam and wanted to visit Ho Chi Minh City, she recommends me to stay and volunteer with LivingEnglish, and I loved every moment there. So, as I’m a very nice person, I wanted to share with you, my lovers!

So, summing up is an exchange of teaching English and leaving in Vietnam as a volunteer, without any cost! It’s for free my pretty people!
It is a perfect way to immerse in Vietnamese culture, experience the lifestyle, develop teaching skills, and create a positive impact in your life and the life of people around you.

About our partner, LivingEnglish:

LivingEnglish is a community that truly believes that language and cultural exchange are powerful ways to learn and build human connections. The project aims to create an environment that engages the locals with daily life with international teachers, helping them to get better opportunities in their careers and lives. Moreover, we aim to immerse the teachers in truly Vietnamese culture, discovering the local lifestyle, food, and people. All with a lot of fun and a positive environment.

The program:

What they offer:

  • Accommodation with WiFi
  • Daily food
  • Transportation from the Airport
  • Weekly Tours:
    Includes: tour to discover the local lifestyle, culture, street food, drinks and more in Ho Chi Minh City. 
    All food and transportation will be covered by the agency

What they expect from the teachers:

  • Minimum stay: 3 weeks
  • Teaching time: 3 hours per day and 5 days per week
  • Follow the teaching plan, and just speak English on the house
  • Respect differences (cultures, lifestyles, nationalities)
  • Help with the daily common housework (meal times, cleaning your own space, etc.)
  • Collaborate with our team and the host family
  • Keep a positive, good vibe in the house 

About the volunteers work:


Local members with the age of 18 to 28 years old and international volunteers living together and interacting in English on a daily basis. The focus here is to create a positive multicultural environment where the locals and volunteers are able to exchange culture, lifestyle, enhance adaptability and help the locals to study English, develop skills and build confidence to prepare for their future.

Host Family

In an innovative program designed for volunteers to be part of Vietnamese families and experience many unforgettable moments along the way, the agency will host you with one family where you’ll be immersed in Vietnamese daily life, culture, and lifestyle, while you enhance your adaptability and help the family with their English studies.

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