I was born in Brazil and until I was 18 I didn’t make almost any travel. I’m a daughter of a single mother with other two brothers, so we never had the time or money to travel, and then came the college and time and money, well I don’t really need to say, right?! That is the biggest cliché ever.

When I finished college I finally had time and kid of a little money, and that was enough for me and a friend cut a deal: we would travel at least one weekend per month, even if was for a near place. During our travels, we had the idea of ​starting a blog. We made some trips but we did not fulfill our plan for one trip per month, 😔  .

Even so, since the first trip I already knew that this would be a lifetime thing, I continued traveling at every opportunity along my beautiful Brazil, and at the same time planning and saving money for a dream: a trip around the world.
I need to say, I’m one of the look ones. My mom wasn’t rich, but she gave me a good education, and gave structure, with those things I was able to plan my trip. And for 7 years I planned, I saved money as crazy, and I made many difficult professional and personal choices, but that was it! On August 10th of 2016, this dream began true. That’s the day I got on the airplane that changed my life. 

Today, living as a backpacker and having the world as home, I have only one certainty: this world is so big, and there is always gonna be so much to live.

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