My trip to New Delhi, India

When I started planning my backpacking itinerary, the initial plan was to start in Asia, with India being the first stop. I wanted something different, you know. An adventure indeed. But a beautiful friend, Tais Vasconcelos 😘, gave me good advice.

I’m not going to take a vacation but to live this way, my life will be traveling, it’s a big change of lifestyle. It would be more recommendable to start with something more like Brazil and then go about adjusting my life and learning how to do it so that I can go to countries with a completely different culture and lifestyle and be ok.

I followed her advice, which was wonderful, and I started my trip in Europe, and only then I went to Asia. And following my initial schedule, I started in India, one of the most difficult trips I have made, at least until the moment I write to you, with almost 4 years of backpacking.

The expression culture shock, in the most literal way, does not describe what I felt.

Brazil is also a poor country, “emerging” as some people like to point out 🙄, but the fact is that even tho there is also a lot of poverty, hunger, and misery here, It’s not close to me, it is not part of my daily life, so it is easy to forget that it exists, which is terrible, but it is the truth. But that wasn’t the truth there, it’s hard to ignore when it’s wide open in front of you. And the shock hurts. And made me feel ashamed of myself. But it is not just poverty that scares.

Look, I always skip the bad part of the stories that I tell here, even because I believe that most of the bad experiences I had, were punctual, caused by the misfortune of meeting a person in question or a punctual situation, but that doesn’t reflect the country itself. But it was different there.

As a woman and a solo traveler, I didn’t feel safe.

And look, after 12 years of fighting judo, 4 years of Muay Thai and 1 year of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, fear of people is not something I normally feel. But I felt there, and that’s why I chose not to travel alone, but accompanied by another traveler, a boy, because only the presence of a male brings some security there.

But there is nothing in this world that is just bad things, practically in the same amount, India is a sea of cultural wealth, natural and historical beauty. From wonderful temples to amazing expressions of art that are felt in the stomach

In this contrast of shock and beauty, I think India was the place that I learned the most about what means to be human, from empathy to fear, from the stories told that make your heart color to moments that make your stomach shrink with fear and anger.

In this post, which was supposed to be about New Delhi, I took it out to talk about my general impression of India, even because, here I don’t have any great stories, since I only stayed here on arrival and departure.

Of the sights of the city, I just went to the Akshardham Temple, which is beautiful to die for, all made of gold, paintings that tell stories, and sculptures from new worlds. But unfortunately, we cannot enter with anything, neither phone nor camera. So, dear ones, let’s buy a ticket to India for you to go and see with your eyes!

Can I tell the story of the train I took to go to the temple as a travel story?

I confess that I was expecting something like the movies we see, where people are hanging from the window, on top of the train, crushed in the door. And I’m sorry to tell you… that’s pretty much it 😂

We had to let at least 3 trains pass before the arrival of one we could get on. And when we did, we were one of those who go with their faces crushed at the door.

And that wasn’t even rush hour! Imagine how my claustrophobia was 🤦🏽‍♀️😭

Another thing that is great to do in this city is to buy things!! SHOOOPPING!! ❤️❤️

The prices are beautiful, but it is a lot of wonderful products too. I practically blew up my entire country’s budget in this city because I wanted to buy everything!

The good thing is that you can say that you are investing in business education.

India, the art of negotiation, New Delhi chapter.
Everything, everything is negotiated here.

You also practice the art of dodging, as strangers start to follow you and grab you on the street, for more than a kilometer, offering things, simply because you looked in his direction. Or because I’m a woman, I honestly don’t know. The point is: Run!

But come on, you know me, of course I went to visit the bars in the city 🌝. Only to find out that alcohol consumption is prohibited. And I discovered this by drinking a beer at the first restaurant that I entered, on the first day that I arrived, on the first order that I made 😂 Even though it is forbidden, finding a restaurant that sells beer is not at all difficult, in fact, it is difficult to find one that does not sell alcohol 🤷🏽‍♀️, at least in the almost 3 months that I lived in India I did not find any.

Anyway, my best story from New Delhi is my story from leaving New Delhi! 😂

The destination was GOA, a wonderful city, a story that will be told to you in the next post. So, we decided to go there by train and the trip takes about 2 days.

Notice that there are no women anywhere. They need to be in a separate waiting room in order to be safe

And there I had my biggest learning about Indian cuisine.

First of all, Indian food is the most beautiful food in the world, apart from my mom’s food, 😘 Dona Ivone! And Brazilian food, of course.


But it is expensive, very expensive. Not in financial value, but in a value that cannot be measured in money, but in humiliation.

You see, after eating something that was visually dubious, but with a welcoming smell and very friendly to the tongue, my stomach started to get, shall we say, with a strange animosity

So I went to visit the bathroom in India, just out of tourist curiosity, obviously. Cultural exchanges happen in many ways my people 😂

About the “bathroom”. I’m not even going to start with the fact that they don’t have a toilet, but a hole in the floor 🤦🏽‍♀️ And it was a hole in the floor that led directly to the tracks. Slipping and falling there meant losing your butt … literally. More literally than I would like.

I stopped being clumsy at that moment!

And it gets worse, the door didn’t close properly and there was a pipe in the wall spouting water. But what could I do? Nature doesn’t ask, she commands 😭

And while I was there honoring the orders of nature,

which took quite some time,


with my ass in the hole,

with one hand holding the door,

and the other holding the pipe with spouting water,

shouting that the bathroom was busy for everyone who knocked on the door;

My faith with a glorious future was emptied, and to leave the faith in the negative, the train arrived at a station, not mine, but the only thing I could think of was that everyone there could see my… production. fall off the train. 😂😭

And it didn’t help my faith to hear the laughing outside! 😭

Sorry, but after that, I need to withdraw silently and spend some time without posting anything.

Have a good time

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