My trip to Seville, Spain

The reason I was visiting Seville was to skydive from 15,000 feet high 😍, but, after spending some time in the city, I started to love everything about it, besides being pretty as hell, I was doing all the good things in life: jumping, drinking and traveling! Could life be better?

And the funny thing is, all started wrong. Firstly, I was super far from the dropzone, which was not what I planned, and then when I arrived there, I faced a closed gate.

I was infuriated by the fact that I would have to pay more 50 euros to go back to the city, so I told the taxi driver to leave me there because I was going to camp at the door until they let me in. For some reason, he didn’t think that was safe, so he was trying to convince me to go back to the city for free with him, when another car parked behind him. As a stubborn person that I am, I was convinced to stay there until I was able to jump from an airplane, so I went to talk to the other driver. He told me it wasn’t closed, but we had to wait for the good ods that the receptionist looks at the camera and sees us. What could take a while.

But the dropzone was open so it’s all good.

When we finally got in, I asked about the camping, bathrooms, and other things they suppose to have according to their website, like a swimming pool. She told me that I could set up my tent anywhere, the bathroom was… something, and the swimming pool was dry. 😒🤔 And the worst of it, all the shops at the dropzone close at 15, and there is nothing and nobody around or near the dropzone after that time. 😵

But they had internet, so I was ok with all of it 😅

So let’s go skydive! I will start with the airplane, I felt in love with it. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, and it came with good news from the instructor in charge that the landing area, even being small, had a huge escape area, so it was all good!

Now, before I continue, I want to tell you about my skydive abilities.
You see my friend, I love free-falling, but flying with the parachute open it’s quite boring for me. So at that time, with just 50 jumps, I haven’t botter to learn how to navigate properly. Therefore I never really had a lot of control of where I was going to land. And landing, well, that was also not my strong suit, correcting, that still not my strong suit 🤣.

You see, I have fucked knees so I always land with my glutes. And none of those things were really a problem. Until I looked at the escape landing area.

Dude, I learned by osmose how to land and navigate when I saw that place. The escape landing was a plantation field of a plant that I’m not acquainted with, but which needs the help of piles to grow. Are you understanding that? It is like landing on a bunch of sharp woodpiles on the floor.

And it gets worst! When I went to ask about it, they told me it was ok, they don’t recommend to land outside, but it’s ok. The worst thing that could happen to me was to get a scar, (they point to a skydiver) like that guy that has a scar starting on his neck and going until his eyebrow. No big deal. “Hazards of the profession” 🤓

You see, I got my license in Boituva, Brazil, which has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge landing area and another huge escape landing area. And you see, there is also a huge target in the middle, do you know how many times, in 50 jumps, I was able to land on that target? I won’t tell you because I’m afraid of one of my instructors read this and fight with me. But I will tell you, the possibility of a huge scar on my face was an amazing motivation to make me navigate and land perfectly inside the small landing area, all the time. So proud of myself! 🥰

And that’s not even the best part, the jump is from 15 thousand feet! That’s like, all the time in the world to fly! I was used to jump at 12 thousand feet, and you know, you get used to the time, so you do your things, and you kind of know when it’s the time to open your parachute.

When I jumped there, I did everything I had planned to do and I was still too high to open my parachute. I had no idea what to do then. The first jump there I was so lost with all that time with nothing to do. So much time to fly! Weirdly amazing!

Anyway, during this time I became very good friends with Javier, the driver of the car that parked behind the taxi driver, and his cousin worked at the dropzone, so he was going to the dropzone every day. And when it was around 15, before the dropzone close, we sat down to drink a beer and they insisted to me to go back to the city with them, stay in a hostel near their houses and they would give me a ride to the dropzone any day I wanted to go.

So during this time, my life was f**** amazing! One day I was going to the dropzone, skydiving, coming back, and drinking beer. Other day working, finishing work, and going out to drink beer. And the other day going out to do tourists around, and then drinking beer! It was pretty much perfect! And it got better, I became friends with some guys that work riding those tuc-tuc bicycles and they were always showing me parts of the city with a free tour bicycle ride. I don’t think it can get better than that! I miss that place so much ❤️🥰

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