El Chorro Sky, Spain

If there’s one thing I love about this world it’s the sky, the sun, and the moon! So, to start the posts here I choose the following theme: travel stories about the best suns/moons I saw around the world! This one was on the top of my “I want” list: El Chorro and getting here was already an adventure!

As soon as I landed in Europe, in addition to dealing with the anxiety that I had left everything behind, I was stopped by the Federal Police because apparently, people make travel plans and mine, I’m following my heart didn’t stick, then I lost my second flight, and then the last train, so I was stuck in a city don’t know where, and when I finally arrived in El Chorro I discovered that I had to do a 3 km walk purely upright carrying my two backpacks that weighed 35kg in total.

So imagine, I arrived, I set up my tent and went to sleep 😅 Naaaah, I went to drink beer!

And then sleep on the hard floor of the tent. I don’t know if anyone here would stop to rethink life choices, sleeping on the floor of the tent with their whole body sore, living on noodles and bread, but I was happier than ever and I remember opening the tent in the morning, looking at this, and my mind was just: Duuuuuude, I did it, I started my backpack!

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