In Kandy, Sri Lanka

This story starts out kind of bad.

I arrived in Sri Lanka by Colombo and had a very, very bad experience, I’ll tell you when we have a beer together, but anyway, I was so scared that I wanted to leave the country right away but my flight was just in a month. So I decided to go to the next point on my itinerary, Kandy, and stay there until my flight date arrives.

In Kandy, I ended up in a hostel, which had great reviews, but it seemed like a completely abandoned place, and honestly, it looked like those houses that appear in the movies that people go to get their junkie son. WTF right?!

Look, I confess that, except for some trips, I don’t care much about the hostel where I am staying, after all, I just need a bed to sleep in and a bathroom to bathe. But dear ones, everything has a limit. Imagine, I’m leaving a place because I wasn’t feeling safe and I end up in another place that looks like my eternal bed!

I was already giving up on life.
So I didn’t even think twice, I took my things and went for a walk down the main street, entering all the hostels until I found one that I like and fit in my pocket.
Decided to stay there until my trip was over.

After a day in that place, I was sure that I couldn’t not travel in Sri Lanka 😂😂! You were waiting for another comment right ?!

I think this was a classic example that sometimes some experiences cannot define a country in itself.

My first two days in Sri Lanka were horrible, but the rest of the trip was wonderful. Really really wonderful. And if it weren’t for the super nice people I met in Kandy, the sweetest town, I probably wouldn’t have continued to travel in the country and see how splendid the rest of it and their people are, nor have I enjoyed it as much as I did.

Sometimes, we just need to keep going

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