My Night Trekking trip, Brazil

The day we thought that getting in the middle of the woods at night with just a cell phone and a map that nobody understood was a good idea.
Inspired by a Brazilian group calledFun Trekking , that organizes online activity through an app that marks the check-points and computes their data for a ranking of teams, we decided to set up our own team and go. And since there is nothing in life that we can not complicate more, we decided to do our first trekking a night trekking.

I do not know the purpose of the game, but I’m sure we did not do it, because in reality, we just wanted to get into the woods and feel like Indiana Jones. And, thanks to the presence of my cousin, a rude and systematic guy, raised on a farm, we managed to go through EVERY check-point with just a little different  detail, no one was very interested in knowing how we should get to them, so, if the check-point is to the north, we are going to the north, what has in the way is not important and can be exceeded.

The logistics of our group: we were in 5 people, my cousin was tracing the way, Essio was the one locating where the check-points were, and the rest of were just getting in the way. The path to success, right?!
And that’s how we started our journey, with a goal set and being rational people, the antonym of us but, who cares? More than once we ignored the tracks and decided to take, or make our own way through the check point, and that was through the forest, what sometime were very enclosed forest. But we kept going, even through parts that not even the light of the full moon arrived at us, we had to walk and crawl to make our way between thousand of trees, when suddenly  I start to hear someone screaming like crazy, I turn back and I see Tay struggling and wriggling while she screams that she was full of spiders, we panic, we ran to her to try to help, we pull her coat out and and gave some slaps at it,  we…  wait, is that a…. ? Oh God,  there wasn’t any spider, any bug, just some prickles attached at her coat. Okay ok, I’ll finish the paragraph here out of respect.

At the end of the trail, we had done all check-points, we had mud all over our bodies, we walked in the muck, we jump fences, step on cow poop, fall phenomenally, and guess how many points we got? None, zero, nada, nothing, no points scored because the application was not connected. That’s right, as we did not quite understand how the application worked, it ended up marking nothing.

You might think we were upset, but actually, we did not really care, we had so much fun imitating Indiana Jones. that no one cared about the fact that we did not score any points.

Contribute to the environment

  • Take your trash
  • Collect rubbish if possible

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