My first jump. Skydive Tandem.

My first tandem was, like almost everything good in my life, unplanned and messy. My mother, the best mother in the world, decided to wake us up in a Sunday morning to skydive, yes, just like that, that came out of nowhere without warning or anything.
The reason? A friend of hers was going and I had got a 10 in physics test.

So, the thing was, we just appear at the dropzone, we did not set the time with the school or anything, so we got there and they told us to wait. We were at São Paulo Parachuting school, and as we would wait forever, we kind of started to feel too much at home, after a while of waiting we were already without feet on top of the couch, sleeping, snoring, and drooling. Nothing pretty to see.
But, finally, after some hours of waiting, it comes the time for the reward, and what reward!

After receiving all the instructions on the floor about how it would be in the air:
hold the shoulder strap
look upwards when leaving the plane
put your feet at your butt at the time of fall
Go it? 

So, after all those complicated information, we finally went to the plane, and I, super smart person,  wanted to be the last to leave the plane, after all, the last one to leave is higher than the others, right? (Today I know that no, the plane is higher when it has the first jump and not the last one, 😊 ). All the way up I could not stop smiling, but you know that smile of I’m happy but I’m so fucking nervous? when did my cheek begin to shake? My cheeks were shaking!! What hell is that! I had no idea cheeks could shake!

So, I was okay, and we finally got to the door of the airplane. I was hypnotized, looking down to the ground, it’s very hard to see the world up there, everything looks so small, and they, oooh the sky is so blue! The clouds look so near!!

And while the instructor was talking with the pilot about something I do not care, I was getting more and more hypnotized about all that sky, until from nowhere, the instructor pull my forehead, (remember that you have to look up?) and jump!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaluco! (Brazilian expression for…. I don’t know, maybe a excited Oh my God

That was dope!! You know that chill in the belly when you’re going down to the stairs in the dark and you think you are at the last step, but suddenly there are more?
It’s like that feeling but million times bigger. I got breathless, I couldn’t even scream, my small was so big that all the wind made my mouth dry, which cause the Bulldog’s face! 
You know, you are falling at around um million km per hour 😜 so when you decide to put your tongue outside and pass in your lips, everything at your face will be scrambled! And that is what I call Bulldog’s face! So beautiful!

About fear, I didn’t felt fear, I felt a  chill in my belly, kind of a luscious chill. Except for a moment, a where I succumbed to God,  even not believing, I prayed so many times in that second.

The longest second in my life was because of the parachute. You know, when you are jumping as a Tandem, the parachute don’t stay with you, stay’s with the instructor and you are linked at the instructor. So, when you are at the free fall, it is as if you are lying down and when opening the parachute is pulling you on your feet.

In my case, I had no idea that the instructor was going to open the parachute. I was there just enjoying when suddenly he opened. And for one second he got up and I “went down”, yes, just until the rope of the equipment stretched. But this one second, this ******* one second, was the longest time of my life and it was stuffed with adrenaline and panic. I will try to tell you what was going on in my mind:

f**** b******** b****** a*********  m******  f******** c**********      and repeat

And then I felt a tug that set me on the trainer’s feet. Mother f********, I’m in in love!

I couldn’t stop laughing and scream! The best dammed thing in the world! 

Then there was the parachute part, it’s cool. kind. It last longer than the free fall but has less, way less adrenaline. If it was for me, it would be all free fall, but I think if that was the case it would be a one-way trip, soooo better leave it, right?!

Eventually, to my sadness, we hit the ground, which the experts call landing, so the instruction was simple, I should bend my knees and we would land on our butt. But if he saw that I was ok, he will tell me to run for a standing landing. Land on my butt?? No thank you, I’m lady, honey! So when we were arriving at the ground, I was already ready to run I guess what? I landed on my feet!

And then it was over, but no! 3 years later I was starting my AFF to become a skydiver for real. And I’m landing on my butt since them!

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