Getting my Skdyive B License

The developing steps in Skydive are many and always vary according to your goal. But the standard start is always the AFF.

In Brazil, you first need to do the 7 AFF classes (see here), at that time you have a student license. After finishing that course you’ll get the Student in Instruction License (AI License), and you will be AI until you complete, among other small tasks, 25 jumps. After that you’re have a student (A License), with this license you are not allow to jump with other skydives unless they have a C License. 

To get the desired, expected, and blessed B license, you need to: have at least 50 jumps, be in posses of an A license (obviously), do at least 2 jumps with instruction for B license (BBF) and pass the B license test, obviously. But we’ll talk about it later, let’s talk about my BBF’s today; which I did with the very great instructor Igor Ueoka.

We decided to do the jumps according to my currently abilities, so after the stretches, we went to the video room of the Skydive Boituva school to see the videos of my AFF jumps and talk about what were my thoughts about my jumps.

I’m super critical of myself, so I always think it’s all wrong … ok, usually with me it’s always, always, wrong, but that’s not the point here, okay ?! As until then I had only jumped on my own (last minute news: no C license skydiver will ever want to jump with a student!), I did not have much reference to how I was flying, so I had to imagine from my own head, and in my head, I was horrible.

So my first jump with Igor was just to see the basic.
The goal was to get out of the airplane kind of together and then I should just fall hover until 6K feet, then make a 180º turn, a track, and pull the parachute. Today watching the video I think: Lord, have mercy !! Not that today is much better, but at least now I always put all my hair inside the helmet, and I have a beautiful suit made by JC Fly. Come on, that’s all it takes to be a complete skydiver!

The first thought I have while I’m seeing my BBF videos is that I was chubby right! hahahaha, f ***  it! Dude, but seriously, my flight control is awesome, man! So incredible that the goal of the second jump already advanced to be stable! Advancing so fast! Making mama proud! 😑 😑
Look at my second BBF jump:

I remember until today that after the jump Igor told me that I had improved a lot, that the second jump was much better than the first one.
Today, watching the videos to be able to post here I think, LORD! Being an instructor requires a great ability to see the best in bad things, because for what I’m looking at … Dude, if I was an instructor I would tell to this human being to give up, I would send the real speak: honey … you are not made for that, noup! Go play some marbles on the ground that you may have some better future.

Buuut, good thing that Igor did not lost his hope in me, so he decided to continue with the drama. The third jump was already more complicated, I had to actually do something. Go forward, approaching him, and then moving back. And so on repeatedly until we arrive at the separation height.
Okay, even I who am super critical with myself can see the improvement of the first jump for this third one. I even allow myself to fell a little pride. And then, when I start to be to much proud, I go back to the first video and shut my mouth up.

So cool this TRV exit, right ?! That day they were some groups training formations with 25 athletes, I think. So there were several airplanes in the air to drop all the skydiver at the same time. Now imagine please, for everyone to go out together we had to wait a little while until all the airplanes were lined up. Well, do you know that cold in the belly that people have for getting out off the plane? Mine one is the other way around, I hate to get inside the plane, especially when it’s crowded and I’m in the back, I just hate to stay in crowded places, period. Now, make a choice: stay sitting on the floor in an enclosed place and full of people? Or throwing yourself off a plane? Man, the airplane door is the most wonderful thing in the world to me. And on that day, with that lot of people waiting for the alignment of the orbit of the planes, the plane’s door was the love of my life, it was a Disney prince with a Nutella pot. <3 Nutella … and Cheese Bacon, Pizza, Fried potato with milkshake, Sergel’s truffled nest ice cream … <3

Okay, okay, okay, coming back. Of course was nice to see everyone jumping from the airplane, but damned, I’ll never again get in an airplane that has TRV training! EVER!!

Well, after all that people finally leave the airplane, I was able to go for my last jump: The goal was an easy one,  as I did well at my last jump, I was suppose to grip with Igor this time.
Well, he told me to grip, , in my head I understood to run over!

The whole jump was a bug in my system! All wrong, all wrong !!!
My comments boil down to this … PANE IN THE SYSTEM CALLED GAYA’S BRAIN!

But whatever, however before we throw stones, it is worth remembering that I was just with 23 jumps so far. So, we can accept that, right? NOOOOOOO!!

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