Cambodia and its contrast

I think the easiest way to describe Cambodia is with one word: Contrast.
Everything there is a kind of contrast, which I confess, is difficult to understand and especially to feel. Which I think is why it results in numbness.

On one side, there is the construction of Complexes so wonderful that even today engineers are amazed by the structural talent, I’m talking about Angkor Wat.

On the other, you see people sleeping at home so precarious that it makes your heart clench a little.

You will meet local people who are so nice, so caring and so willing to help without even asking for anything in return that you will feel at home right away. But at the same time, you will see people living on the corner of the street without any assistance or governmental help.

The country has landscapes so beautiful that will take your breath away, and a history so terrible and sad that will take your sleep for days.

It is difficult to reconcile the contrast and the coldness that we discover to have inside us with the kindness we thought we had. Leave a museum where I saw the most terrible stories of my life and enter an island where there are the most fun parties.

I remember one day sitting on the beach on one of the islands where there’s practically nothing but parties and happy tourists, looking out to sea towards the mainland and thinking. Now I’m on the side of fun, the line over there has sadness.

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