Dambulla Sky, Sri Lanka

One of my favorite sights in Sri Lanka is Dambulla, the Pidurangala Rock.
Repeat three times.
Now increase the speed.
Pidurangala. Pidurangala. Pidurangala. 🤦🏽‍♀️

The way to get here is not very difficult. It is a walk to the edge of the mountain that includes: nature, a lake, and crocodiles in the lake 🤷🏽‍♀️ Walk up the mountain for about 30 minutes, a little climb (very easy) at the end and there it is. A beautiful landscape in your face! 😮😍

And don’t stop there, if you walk around you will find a plateau that you can see 360 ​​of nature, which is ridiculously beautiful.

What I don’t think the people who were visiting at that time noticed.

I don’t understand people very much. When I am in these places, I feel a huge urge to sit and draw things in my head, like drawing the landscape as a way to admire the richness of details and memorize the scene, taking a little bit of that place with me forever. In my head, I’m looking at a piece of a wonderful painting.

But ok, this part of the drawing I understand is something very mine, I understand that people think differently, but bro, when I was there memorizing each curve I couldn’t help noticing when people arrived, they took pictures, they looked for two seconds and went to the next point.

I was looking at it for more than 15 minutes and feeling that I couldn’t absorb enough and the people were barely looking and already leaving

And that’s not all. What about the feelings? Like, feel, really feel, anything, but just feel. I believe that we are nature, we are part of it, and I don’t know, there I feel as if my body tunes in and speaks the same language as nature around me.

I know, it’s a trip. But it’s my trip, and I love it. And seeing the people not even caring about any of this is kind of weird

The point is, is it really worth making the whole trip to get there, take a picture and move on to the next point?

Look, I’m not saying to not take a picture, I love pictures! But one does not exclude the other. Wouldn’t it be much more advantageous to get there, enjoy the landscape, the moment, trip on it, take a photo, and then move on to the next one?

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