Hamburg Sky, Germany

This post will be more a reflection on change than about a story.
I spent some time in a monastery in Nepal and there I concluded some things about the time, I know, we are talking about Hamburg in Germany, but bear with me.

What differentiates the present and the past are our experiences and the accumulation of stories. But what happened in the past cannot be changed. So why do our opinions about the past do? And something that was special before is no longer?

I believe that the accumulation of information, knowledge, comes with time and changes the way we look at things and people who were or are in our lives. Sometimes because they change or sometimes because they don’t change but you do. You learn, and if you go in the right direction, you evolve. Thankfully, right?!

But all of this changes our perspective now, not in the past. To throw away good memories of the past simply because something has changed is to belittle a story. I say this because I didn’t really want to write about Hamburg because I was with a person who, as much as I liked it at the time, the time came to show that we were completely different from each other. And as much as I think that Hamburg’s Gaya was stupid, it doesn’t change the fact that I had fun when I was there.

And in reality, as much as today I find it funny how the world goes around, I would not change anything. Because we learn, we get to know ourselves, and maybe I wouldn’t have the ideas I have about a relationship today if I hadn’t met someone who had shown me what I really don’t want. Allowing yourself to feel is a wonderful thing. To make mistakes, to experiment, to do some shit, is the best way to learn about yourself, about what we want, and especially, about what we do NOT want.

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