Little big trips, Thailand

Of my almost 4 years traveling, so far, as a backpacker, 2 of them were in Asia, with Thailand being the country I stayed in for the longest time. For several reasons; visa, it’s easy to travel, strategic geographic point, the only skydiving area in Southeast Asia, wonderful culture, and there’s still a long list to go 🥰
The point is that I spent a lot of time here, including some regular jobs as an English teacher.

The first time I got the job offer, I wasn’t really sure about it, I had just arrived in Thailand. But I confess that it didn’t take me long to start to love the idea, maybe because of a few “buckets” 😅, or because I loved the idea of ​​getting to know better the wonderful culture of this country.

And one of the things I ended up, surprisingly loving, was being able to have my own place. My first apartment was in Thailand. Funny hun?! 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

But my traveler’s soul is loud, I was really missing my travels, even living in a foreign city, so I was always looking to go here or there at every opportunity, and one day a friend, Kevin 😘, taught me the term “train hop”, which meant taking a train and making several stops at random places. I loved it. I adapted. Trip hop.

Going anywhere for any length of time. Sometimes a day, sometimes a month. It didn’t have to be that special trip, sometimes it was just to go have a beer in the village next door.

It was nothing planned or with any research. And some of these trips came from within another trip 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Like, I’m going to the place “x”, aah I liked this little town next door, I’ll stop there before I go.

Stuff like that.

And with things like that, going randomly here and there, I fell in love with a new way of traveling. And why not living?

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