My trip to Santos, SP – Brazil

Santos, oh santos!

Do you know when you put those shit-head people together? So, my family.
It was a rainy Saturday night, we were at the bar, just relaxing, nothing big, until some jerk, I bet it was Eric (older brothers), suggested that we should go to the beach. I want to make a comment here: it was late at night, we were drunk and the car was in terrible condition to go to the bakery, who says to go to the beach. Buuuut who cares about such superfluous details, let’s go to the beach!

In our way to my home, we planned all the details of the story we were going to tell Mom, a history which was thoroughly revised over and over because it was a very complex story: “Mom, we’ll going to spend the night at Meinha’s house playing video game.”
Cohesion – 100%
Credibility – 100%
Ease of understanding and memorization – 100% (it is?)
We arrived at the house and then went to get our stuffs, and I was at the door of my room when I heard my mother asking my younger brother, Duh, where we were going?
– We are going to the beach, Mon!

I want a moment of silence here, because I bet a neuron committed suicide in that miserable head. It was not a complex story, my mother did not put him on the wall and shouted words of inquisition, noooooo, she asked in a very, “I’m not not even paying attention” way as she lay on the couch watching Law & Order.

After the one silent second, we had to run away like hell, without almost anything,  and jump in the car because my mom did not stay on that sofa for a long, and I do not remember the order very well of things but I remember she shouted something like:
It passed, we were already far from there!

And it was on the road, with the raining falling, in an old crowded car, with the benches smelling from last week’s rain, that we noticed that we needed to change the engine oil, like, 30 minutes ago, and, one more detail, we would have to pay for it. But not only that, but we also realized that we would have to pay for everything on the trip, road fees, gas, drinks, and food and we had no money at all. Well, just details right?! Who cares?

We arrived in Santos at 5 o’clock in the morning.
The beach is over there, the sea is beautiful, the sand are making my feet delightful and the rain is f*** everything!

Of course, we stayed under the only open kiosk on the beach and we were doing exactly the same thing we were doing in Campinas, drinking beers, except now we were in Santos. That’s until 6 a.m. when we start to get hungry, but we do not have a lot of money to eat, so, let’s go to the supermarket to eat bread with mortadella and cheese (I love it) and then we’ll go at some bar and buy some beers because we’re going back to beach babes! Which the unstoped rain.

Not to say that the beach was deserted, there were a few human beings squeezing themselves under a kiosk, like wet peeled earthworms under the kiosks. Unacceptable state for those who left Campinas to drink on the beach, so let’s drink on the beach. We took our plastic bag with beer and went to the sculpture of Tomie Ohtake, where we smoked and drank in his honor (at the time I had no idea who she was). Then we sit on the stones that stand on the shore, and we stay there until the waves were high enough to kick us out.

Not long after, the beer was also over and as the money to buy more was gone too, we were forced by sobriety to leave. But not before Eric took a dip, I need to say that it was freezing cold,  raining, and he was the only jerk in the water.

In the end, it was 6 hours on the beach and 5 hours in the car. And the best part of this history happened by the way and not by destiny itself.

Now, if you want to make a real tour and not just some s*** trip, you can do a tour for cruise passengers arriving in the city, 

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  • Take your trash
  • Collect rubbish if possible

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