My trip to Tapirai, Sao Paulo, Brazil

This was one of the first trips I made and one of the least planned since, and yet, one of the most important so far, I’ll explain why. There was a day that from nowhere, me and a friend decided to buy a travel coupon and that was it, simple as that. Then, the trip date arrived. The first thing we did was to sit in a table and have a beer while we played chess, after all, we could do whatever we wanted. No obligations, no plans, total freedom.

We stayed at the Hotel Fazenda Recanto das Águas which is wonderful, they have beautiful chalets around the lake with literally a step away from it, the restaurant makes a spectacular “feijoada”, and just beside the houses, there is an animal green area with great trails, and if you have loose screws as is the case of this one that speaks to you, you can still leave of the running trail, enter the middle of the woods and pretend to be in the middle of a war, your soldiers are being attacked and you need to run and climb a hill to get a better view, crawl for the enemy don’t hit you, climb a rock to plant a bomb, go through a ditch where ferocious animals come out, fill your canteen in a water spout and go all the way singing war songs invented on the spot. Heavy infantry here understood ?! And be quiet and pay ten bucks!

It was while we were planting a bomb that we decided to travel at least one weekend per month and how one thing leads to another why not make a blog to tell our experiences? You’re going to get rich, right ?! Lol

Well, we survived to the war that rolled on the trail and we as we arrived at the end, we, excited by the moment,  crossed the road and we entered to the next bush, the only problem was that we found some real animals, like, two huge dogs, and they kind of interpreted our adventure as an invasion of private property and they felt obliged to defend their territory, unimaginable right ?! And in a moment of dread, all oSurvivors episodes from Discovery Channel come to my head, and instead of running out and screaming as we wanted I held Jenny and I said let’s go back calmly without turning away from them putting our hands in front of us for the dogs see that this is only a mistake, we understand that this territory is dominated and we will withdraw the troops to the other side again. It worked, we were escorted back to the road, where our animal escort, snorting, returned to her place of origin. Aleluuuuia my brothers !! \ o / The word relief does not even begin to describe how we feel at that moment.

The other day we decided to do something that did not include any invasion or war and we went to an obligatory stop for those who are in the city, the Cachoeira do Chá. It’s not difficult to reach there and there are several trail options to do that leaves to the waterfall. Jenny and I like to go into everything we think is a trail, even in those that seem to be but it’s not, so after entering the woods so many times, we finally arrived at the trail of the main waterfall, which is a well-marked descent and has a half-enclosed forest around it, forming an entrance arch. And already in the descent, you will feel the wet air very strong and you’ll probably be all wet before even arrive at the waterfall.

This was one of the first good waterfalls I’ve seen in my life, I remember when I saw that I was a little breathless. It’s all so alive and so bright. The day was very cold to get into the water so we just sat on one of the rocks and stood admiring the scenery for a long time. And it was sitting on that wet stone, watching the falling waterfall with the sun beating in the water and the smell of wet bush, that I fell in love with. I fell in love with the nature, with the jungle and with the freedom. I wanted to be a part of that, to lie on that waterbed and merge with nature. Little foolish, I know, but I never felt as free and as happy as I felt that day, it was there that I decided that was what I loved the most in life, it was in the woods that I felt more comfortable and it was in the beauty of a waterfall that I felt alive.

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