Skydive Jumps with Gabriel Sidney (Marrom) – Forever in our harts <3

I was very tired when I started to write this text, I had not jumped for some time, I was in a country with none dropzone. So you can imagine, start writing was so hard that I was all about procrastination. I cut my fingernails, pack my bag, even made the hostel bed. Dude, who goes in a hostel and make the bed??  I don’t make my bed even when I was in my home (welcoming visits as a exception), so, can you understand how much I was not in the mood to write this?
So, to help in this moment of crisis I decided to watch the jump videos, and that was everything I needed, before half of the first video I already had a smile the size of the universe and wasready to write text!

Well, just for explanations: the starting stages of skydive in Brazil:
Student AFF | AI License | A License
B License  (\ o / \ o / \ o / \ o /)

The videos here are before I get my B license. The first jump we did together I had 42 jumps.

But before I continue, let me put you in the same state of mind of my person at that time, making a small but vital explanation. You see, dear human, as soon as you finish your AFF you can already jump alone, and you think that’s the coolest thing in the world. First you are in love, then you love, then you like, then you …well..  it’s … it’s cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.
Then you start to realize that those 45 seconds can be very lonely. 
And then you think, God, she must be the most annoying person in the world, nobody wants to jump with her! Well, I won’t denied that I might, sometime, almost never, with the exception of every moment, I can be annoying. Buuuut, that was not the reason that I was jumping alone. Even if someone wanted to jump with me, they just could do it if they hold a C License.

Now let me explain something else to you dear breather, the minimum for getting a B license is 50 jumps, C license, 250. A little difference right? Almost anything! It is almost absolute certainty that the human being that holds the C license, with his more than 250 jumps, will want to jump with you, little baby with an A License. They gonna line up to jump with you. It’s the skydive dream: Jump with a A License!

AAAAAH, BUT NO !!! Wake up, little brain!

However, (I love this word) for my luck, I have the honor of being Marrom’s friend, Gabriel Sidney, who not only accept to make a jump with, he did 3! THREE!!! Três, trois!!!! All helping me to get my A License, well, As you can see in the video below, I really needed help, not to mention a miracle, right?

And there’s another one:

Today watching the videos and finalizing this text was difficult to contain the smile, and impossible to contain the missing hart. And I miss you!
Jumping is always beautiful. Jumping with friends is more than beautiful, it’s unique!

Marrom, I’m sure the angels are taking good care of you! You were a bright light in this world! <3 <3 <3 
Love you my friend!

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