My trip to Fez, Morocco

Hello lovely human being! 

Today I’ll share with you my trip to Fez, Morocco, between comings and goings, I spent 3 months there.
Do you know when they tell you that traveling makes you a better person? So I would say that it was there that I began to grow as a person.

The first place I visited after leaving Brazil was Spain, and it’s not that different from Brazil, you know like the way things work, what to expect. That’s very similar. 
But in Morocco I had a totally new experience, I get to see a culture completely different from everything I knew, It is another way of living, another world practically.
And more, living and working there gave me the chance to really know the world there. Not only experience as a tourist but a bit of what it’s like to live there.

Of course, we will never really understand what it’s like to live in someplace unless we were really born and grow there. But working there gave me more experiences than just visiting around.

Many of my beliefs have changed radically by living in a culture completely different from mine.
And one of the main things I started to learn there was that belief, perspective, point of view, right or wrong, this is all just a cultural issue, our ideas, beliefs, and judgments are super tied to our environment and growing.
Realizing this gave a new concept to the word RESPECT. The sense of the word itself.

And it was not just an experience of growth, I also had the pleasure to meet wonderful people, I even believe I won a family there.
A little bit of my heart stayed there, and also a little of my money. Before I arrive Fez, I had a… trick? funny? Learning experience! Yes, that’s the word I’m going to use. I had a learning experience.

You see, when I was on my way to the train station, a boy offered me his help to get a taxi. He said he was also going that way and with his help, I would pay the local price. My first thought was… well, he’s small I can kick him if he tries something, and in the end, I really paid a surprise cheap price in the taxi. The funny thing was that he followed me to the train station and to the line for buying the ticket. But the cashier didn’t understand me, not in Spanish, neither in English, so he jumps into the conversation and tell the cashier where I was going and then he told me the price.

It wasn’t exactly the price I was told to, but whatever, I paid the cashier, and to my surprise, he gave me back 2 tickets for Fez. 2 tickets! TWO! That sweet boy made me pay for his ticket. So kind of him!! 😠

I thought for a while about it and decided to let it go. I tried to go on my way, but the boy kept following me. I chose a sit and he sat next to me. I think that would be ok, I wasn’t that mad. Until he started to try to be more… close. And started to ask me for a kiss every 5 seconds. I try to be polite, saying no. I invented a boyfriend. No, I invented a girlfriend. But he kept asking. Until I got annoyed and ask him to, in a very polite way, to fuck off or would fuck kick him in the balls.

After that, for some reason, I don’t know why he disappeared. I never saw him again, until almost 2 years after that, when, someway he found me on Instagram and send me a picture of us asking me is I remember him.

Whatever, when I finally arrived in Fez, I stayed at the Dar Rabbah Hostel. An amazing place, very comfortable, with a delicious breakfast, and a beautiful price. I didn’t know yet. But those people welcoming me there were going to be my second family.

What can I tell you about my time in Fez? What did I do there?

Well, I smoked shisha for almost 3 months, and that’s almost all, actually! 😂😂😂
But, in my shisha free time, I walked around the medina, an old commercial center protected by UNESCO. It’s a market, and it was in that market that my love for markets started, not just because you can find anything you want for amazing prices. But for the movement itself. For the life around, the colors, the smells (not that good). It’s crazy, chaotic and amazed me!

My favorite part was to bargain. I took that as a great sport.
One day I went out to buy a bag, they have beautiful bags there, and I was looking to take the art of bargain to the next level. I thought of one price and went out there with this goal. I will not pay more than that, I was committed. I was going to one shop to another for a while, fighting, arguing, and leaving to the next shop. Until I found someone that considered to make that price for me. He told me to follow him. I went.

You know, the medinas are bigs, and they have many streets that you easily get lost around. So after 5 minutes following this guy, I was already lost, and he was still going more and more inside the medina. I was happy just following him. So many new colors, new smells, all so good. Until I realize that we walked into a street without any market, the crowd stayed behind. They were still there, If I looked back, I could see people passing on the street. But the street we were was just silence.

At that moment, all my nerves start to be alert as we kept going more and more inside the medina. I have as a law to always listen to my instincts, so I breathed and asked myself if I was scared because I was expecting the worst or I was scared because I had a reason to be scared.
It took me a while to decide.

There was no reason to think he had bad intentions. But what it was in the stake was a big thing. So I got my friend Meredith, a knife that I always carry with me, and held it in my pocket. If I needed it, it would be ready.

I wasn’t really scared, but there was some ache in my mid.

We arrive at some steps and he asked me to follow him inside. I took a long breath, held the knife with more will, and went behind him.

When I walked into the room I had an immediate headache, the smell of glue and letter was really strong, in the corner of the room there was this old guy sewing the bags. The room was all full, all the sides full of bags. They talk for a while and he told me could do the price I wanted, but I had to buy at least 2 pieces. I bought 5. And left the place.

It took me around 1 hour to figure it out the way back to my hostel.

Thinking about that experience, I don’t know really know how to feel, or even what to think. Nothing bad happened. But it could. I think I shouldn’t have gone. Not alone anyway. Been a woman sucks sometimes.
Fear shouldn’t hold us from doing anything. But we should also try to be as safe as we can. Being a woman sucks sometimes.

Anyway. Let’s talk more about the amazing medina. The place is full of mysterious and amazing corners and wanted to know the place for real, like all the best stores and spots. So I went for a tour with SG Morocco Tours, and it was awesome! I got to know some special shops and terraces (the best part of morocco, and you can find everywhere), and the most especial was the tannery, a very smelly place where they ink the letter.

You know, I will pass the best tip I got here. The place is super smelly, because of that, when you walk in they give you a mint leaf to keep in your nouse. Don’t smell the leaf. It would be uncomfortable for a minute but then you’ll get used and will have your hands would free to look for the amazing clothes, scarfs, and bags the place have.

Other places that they showed me was a scarf’s factories. I could see from first hand how they do those beautiful pieces of clothing. It’s such a beautiful ability that I believe is a form of art.

Besides that, I also went to the royal garden, next to the medina. It’s a simple garden, but it’s a beautiful place to spend some time, maybe thinking about life or writing in your journal. Or maybe waiting for the sunset that you should watch from the royal palace or from the wall ruins. Both places worth a visit, and, in my opinion, the ruins are the best place to watch the sunset. From there you can see all the city and mountains, it’s a beautiful landscape.

I spent some time there, working, traveling or just hanging. And smoking shisha, almost all the time! It was an awesome time 🙂

Check it out more info about Fez

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