GOA Sky, India

My trip through India was practically 100% cultural. With almost zero alcohol consumption because, in addition to being forbidden in most cities, India has a culture completely different from the western one. And even though you may easily find places that sell illegally, I do not recommend women to drink there. In fact, I recommend not to, it’s dangerous.

But there is always an exception. And in India, the exception is GOA, a very touristy and less conservative city. And it was one of the only places I was comfortable drinking.

My routine there was very chill, when I wasn’t touristing around, I was working until sunset, when I go down to the beach, just me and a book, to watch the sunset sitting in my favorite restaurant with a cold beer and different food a day.

It was a simple routine, but it was a representation of how the contrast intensifies feelings. Drinking beer at the bar and watching the sunset is an activity that I was used to, but it was more than that there.

As India is a very conservative country, especially in relation to women, I was afraid all the time, always taking care not to put myself at risk, but in that little place I was safe, the restaurant staff was wonderful and already knew me, even kept my place for me, the food was good and the beer was cold.

And then these little things that are normal for us, are very special there. Things that we already take for granted in our culture are a privilege elsewhere. And when we find these little things in unlikely places, we gain a bostin comfort and courage.

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