When you’re tired of traveling, Thailand

After living as a backpacker for a while, some things start to become routine, even the things that are antagonistic to travel, like meeting new people. I know. But after 3 years of non-stop traveling, meeting new people becomes routine.

And the funny thing is that I always have to answer the same questions every day, therefore see the same reaction from people several times a day, every day. There comes a time when you really don’t want to meet new people 😂 Don’t get me wrong, I love it all, but sometimes you need something different, and in this life, what is different for me it’s normal for most people. Spending a while without meeting anyone new, and having minimal social contact

But traveling is necessary, isn’t it ?!
So I was already booking a ticket to Vietnam, the cheapest ticket was only for a month and a half, and since it didn’t make any difference for me to go today or later, I took the cheapest ticket

At that time I was in Thailand and I had already visited almost all the tourist spots in the country, the islands, the famous cities, and the temples; And I didn’t want to go back to any of it because I was going to what I call it social fatigue

So I draw a very crazy travel route through some less touristy cities and others completely without any tourism at all. And bro, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done

One because, the tourists I met on this trip, were all long time backpackers, you know, if you go to Thailand with a limited time you won’t waste it going to these places, two, because I spent a wonderful time with almost no human contact and three, this one is awesome, I found out how good it is to be alone!

I’ve learned to love my company, to lose myself inside my mind in such a beautiful way. Especially because I went to cities where nobody speaks English, and as much as I want to trick myself, my Thai it’s not even a basic conversation in a bar, so I spent days without having to talk to anyone or answer any questions, especially those ones I’ve been answering every day for the past 3 years.

So damn beautiful

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