My Climbing trip in Analândia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I was craving to come back here since my first trip to here with my mother, Analandia is amazing, there are waterfalls, trekking, and climbing walls, not big ones, but enough for you make a good job. And that was exactly what we did on this trip, we went with the intention of resting and then climbing at the Cuscuzeiro, a wall that offers several routes, including for beginners. And you can also go with a monitor from the tourism agency Cuzcu Aventura (headquarters in the town square) that they will give a great support, security and guiding.

We arrived at the mid-afternoon of Saturday, so we were only able to go to the tourism agency and find a camping. So, tomorrow tour schedule, tents set up, it’s time to relax.
We stayed at the Camping da Pedra do Escorrega which on one hand is a delight because shortly below the campground there is a river, so while you are sleeping you can hear the water noise and in the morning wet your foot in a fresh water, a delight. There is just one detail who we might considerate not cool, it’s not allow to make fire over there, so, that cal spoil a little bit. But, we shaw respect!

Back to the history, after we unpacked everything and prepare everything for the night, we took a walk down the stream and sat in the woods to chat while we were toasted by a beautiful sunset and blessed by the music of thousands of maritacas. Then, dinner, beer and a telescope to see the stars. And after some well-rated stars we were already half, completely, drunk and in the midst of this drunkenness we had a great idea. At the campground there is a 120-meter zipline, the structure, which I don’t know the high, was there, just whispering to me a very cool idea.. The cool idea includes climbing on it to admire the stars from a higher point, so come on!

But it’s cold  – then we have to take the blanket
But the ladder is one of those that are made of rope and pieces of wood – great idea, we tie the blanket on a rope and when we get there we pull.

Ok, lets do that! Done, we arrived, we went up and we were admiring the stars. And, noo more than a minute later after arrive at the top, I wanted to madly get down, I had a lot of energy accumulated to stay there, but as it was a fucking effort to climb I will stay a little longer. It’s getting colder, what a terrible idea. Let’s curls up in the blanket, look what a view. I need to go to the bathroom, hold the pee and enjoy the scenery. I want another beer,  you can get drunk with that view. Fuck, I want to get down, good bye.

Remember that I said it was a bad point not being able to build a campfire? Blessed those one who forbade the drunks to make a fire, they saved lives!

The next day we had to wake up early because the climb was set at 11, so you can imagine the mood right ?! But anyway I was able to wake up, spend some time in the creek, have a quiet breakfast and then disassemble the tents running, put everything inside the car and go climbing, we would spend the day climbing, so we could not leave the things in the camping because it was not going to give time to return.

Arriving at the bottom of the mountain, I realize that walk under the midday sun with a hangover, is not the best thing you can do, definitely, not the most pleasant one. I died in the middle of the way, I asked for water and I took a sit, but neither two minutes later we were already back to the trekking. Oooooh God! But the blessing are gentle, and as soon as we arrive at the top, I rested my beautiful body at a rock, as the guides set the climbing road.

About the climbing, the route was the same as the one I did last time, but this time  I did it with a little more glamor. There is a part of the way that you can lay down and crawl, and that’s what I did last time, but this time I cordially said: I will not do that, and I passed that part on my feet, not crawling! And, as I’m there, happy being proud of myself, here comes Renan, climbing for the first time, and the miserable one already pats that hard part stand. Let’s given him one and a half clap.

After that, we went to a restaurant and then home. In summary, we did not do a lot of thing on this trip, but it was fun. We do not need a lot of things to do to have fun, and certainly doing nothing in Analândia is a lot better than staying at home scratching.

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