My trip to Malaga, Spain

The first stop of my backpack mission already started with everything wrong! For not having a ready itinerary I was stopped by the federal police at the Madrid airport before catching the flight to Malaga, and that was just the start!

As I had to stop to chat with the people of the law there, I ended up losing the flight to Malaga, the company got me on another flight for free, but it would only be 4 hours later. Which would have made me arrive in Malaga at 4 pm, missing the last train to El Chorro. Cool, right? The first day at your first alone trip, and the first international trip I was already without a place to stay. And other little thing, at the time, when I arrived in Malaga, I did not know that I had lost the last train. So when I got to the train station that was going to El Chorro and the guy told me that I only had a train the next day I already found myself homeless and lost on the first day of my trip?

Let’s not panic, we’ll look for a hostel. Dude, the hostel I found was more expensive than my liver, 30 euros !!! Oooo misery, but as it was what I had for the day I took a room there and went looking for what to do in the city.

Man, I did not know anything about the city I was, it wasn’t in my itinerary, so what do you do at that moment? Sit down to have a beer, obviously!!!

And at this stop to drink a beer I discovered that there was a beach there, my beautiful people, there is a beach! Look what a wonderful thing!!
Soooo, I took my little book and went to the beach, I found my little corner and sat enjoying the landscape, opened my book and began to read when a girl came and began to settle on my side, nothing too bad, right? Until she started to undress, including the bikini top. Dude, the beach was crowded, and she was there in the most natural way leaving the twins out! And the people were not even caring, no one even looked at her. The kids all running around and playing, parents resting and drinking beer, and no one, no one seemed to realize that there were a couple of twins loose by the beach!

After a while I got to the most amazing conclusion, topless is ok in Spain, so nobody cares about the twins <3

I spent only one night in Malaga, but I wish I had stayed more, for the little that I see, the city was wonderful and deserves another visit in the future.

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