Crossing borders, Cambodia

There was me, living happily in Thailand, when I realized that, by complete accident, I had, so to speak, forced, extended, abused, overstayed my visit. My visa had expired a week ago and I was still drinking beer, playing pool, and running away from the monkeys in Lopburi 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 So I decided that, maybe, it was time for me to settle my relationship with Thai customs by leaving the country 😘😂

So I decided to cross the country to Cambodia in the most economical way possible, which is how I traveled for almost, so far, 4 years. My plan included several steps, a bus to a town in the southeast, a van to the border village, a van to the border, crossing the border, entering Cambodia, another bus to the border town, then another to Siem Reap. And only then would I be in my beautiful destination.

Bus to the city? Check. Van to village? Check.. Van to the border? Cheeeeeck?
It was about 6 am almost 5 minutes from my destination, when the police stopped my van.

A policeman, in a mood to cheer the devil, entered the van asking for everyone’s passport. Whoever was without a visa, was probably in trouble. I’m sure they wouldn’t be taken to a Spa 🤦🏽‍♀️

There was me, taking my passport with my best poker face, preparing to pretend surprise and be the most seductive person in the world and convince him that I was going to the border, that I didn’t need to take me to the police station.

He was looking at everyone’s passports when my despair increased, the boy sitting in front of me had his visa expired. He was taken out of the van. He started crying in despair, swearing to the soldier that he was going to the border, that he was leaving the country. The very soldier led him to the patrol car.

There I was already saying goodbye to my freedom.

I forgot to breathe.

I understood the concept of the soul of despair.

The soldier forgot to check on the rest of the passengers.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah your b****!!! I heard a Aleluuuuia!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Blessed be the misfortune of others!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, okay okay. I know, poor thing, but that’s what happens when you don’t have your visa in order! Guys, ABC traveler, always have your visa! So irresponsible, right?! 🤪

But in the end, everything was almost ok. I got some sermons and scolding at the border, had to pay a fee, missed the only bus of the day to the city, and had to pay a fortune in a taxi, but I arrived at my destination safely and sound, and legally!

I arrived in Siam Reap with the biggest rain in the history of the world, I practically had to paddle to get to the entrance of my hostel. (I’m not overreacting at all, I swear it was exactly like that, 😂). But it was worth it, the next day dawned with a beautiful sky that lasted for practically the rest of my stay in the country. Even during my visit to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the humility to visit: the majestic Angkor Complex

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