My trip to Boiçucanga, Sao Paulo, Brazil

What is the synonymous of a rainy holiday? Beach!!

That’s right,  there is no such a think of bad weather for me and my Muay Thai friends!

So, let’s go to the beach! Our first stop was in Camburiozinho, the beach was beautifully empty and after enjoying a little the pleasure of our feet in the sand, we decided to take a walk through a forest that has on the right side of the beach. It is not a big forest but you can do a good walk by the stones of the place and if you stop to observe the sea you can find several turtles swimming around. But look, I’m going to give you a very, very important tip: watch your glasses. Yes, they might be suicidal, mine ones are. You know, they are so big they almost hide my face behind them, which is great when I have dark circles under my eyes but when I’m on a trail and I have to look at the ground, not that much! The miserable slip and made me took my concentration away, causing a marvelous and classy fall, that is, I fall at the four position 😤😤(There is a minimal possibility that this fall might be mine, my aptitude to fall at all times, but I will blame the glasses and that’s it.)

Anyway , after that we went to the Barra da Una beach, which was also practically deserted, and at the left side of that beach, there is a very nice trail, it is not difficult but it has a certain difficulty, and you have to keep an eye on the weather because if the tide goes up you can get stuck in the rocks, but it’s nothing out of this world and the vision is wonderful. You can go by the stones circling the coast or go through the forest, like we went. for this path, you’ll start by a ladder that begging at the beach and go until an abandoned bar. Then you have to enter the forest towards the sea and goes down until you reach the coast stones. And here is the history of my second fall. Well, it was not quite a fall, let me explain, in the way down, you often have to go kind of hanging you self in the trees, but you know, I’m a short person, I’m 1.62, and at one of these points I did not reach the ground and Pedro had to make a little foot for me while I was sliding down the mountain wall, something super graceful to see, the elegance in person. But the important thing was that we arrived on the coast, which is a huddle of stones. There we were rewarded by the effort, the symphony of the waves against the stones were a beautiful live picture with special participation of turtles. Really beautiful.

We thought about keep walking around, but the tide was very angry and while we were talking about going anyway, the waves gave us an answer, a huge wave came with all its force hit the stones and  destroyed some of them. But do you think we are good listeners? No! We do not give up easy, so we start to time the space between the waves, and we notice that the strong wave came from 1 in 1 minute so we calculate that if we made it running we could get through that part in 45 seconds. So at the last time check, it came’s two huge waves one behind the other, ruining all our plans. Whatever, we decided to obey they nature and return. The path we made at our way back was through the stones instead the forest, and despite that how it looks, is much easier than through the forest.

After this little adventure, there is nothing better than sitting on the beach, drink beer and watch the sea. And the best part of all, we were in possession of binoculars. I know it sounds silly, but it’s actually a lot of fun, we were looking at a freighter that was anchored in the middle of the sea and had people in the bow apparently doing, absolutely nothing. But then it might be that they were watching a body lying there and calculating that if they dumped the body in the water, how many days would it take for it to reach the beach, and if James Bond would associate the time of the body’s arrival on the beach with the passage of the freighter, and if so what they would do to protect themselves. No, no, no! It was just the Italian mafia, deciding what to eat at dinner. Actually, what the Italian mafia would be doing in Brazil? It was a body! That make’s much more sense. 

On the second day we went to the Cachoeiras do Ribeirão de Itu, it’s a trail that passes through 2 waterfalls and a well and it is all done crossing the Ribeirao’s river several times. A fact we did not know when we started, so when, at the beginning of the trail, we had to cross the river, everyone decided to take of the sneakers, cross the river, dry the foot and put the sneakers again. By then, less than 1 minute later, face the river again. By the third time that we had to cross the river we understood that we were going to get wet, so lets make the sneakers swim!

About where to go first, it’s up to you, the trail to the first and second waterfalls are quite easy, but the path to the Poço dos Macacos (Well of the Apes) it’s reasonably difficult. The time for each of them is more or less like that: from the beginning to the first waterfall: 10 minutes. From the beginning to the second waterfall: 15 minutes. (They are in different tracks). From the beginning to the Well 40 minutes or so.

What we did was this: F*** everything up!
First we went to the second waterfall, which is on the way to the well, we stayed there for a while and then went up a little more than halfway to the well. As the weather was very bad and it had rained on the previous days, everything was very slippery, so half of our team gave up and come back to wait for us at the waterfall, while Pedro and I continued, but just to see the weather getting worse and worse and then start to thunder, what can be very dangerous, so after not too long we decided to go back too, we found the rest of the team still on the way to the waterfall, a fact that saved their lives, since they were about to get lost, and Tati  slipped, slipped  in the descent, what can be very dangerous, remember that it had rain and the floor was very muddy. But before she reach the floor and slip all the way down, Pedro Manoel saved her by holding the cap of her blouse. And by that, he also saved Tiago, who was just below balancing between the mini space that was the trail. Pause to send a ovation to Pedro !!!

With everybody saved we returned to the second waterfall to take a dip, and there  was some group doing abseiling on the waterfall, so I believe that if you look for one of these tour companies you can schedule the activity. I highly recommend doing the trail with the guide as well, Pedro and I have enough experience in walking in the middle of the forested so we didn’t, but if you don’t you might consider take one. Another tip, take a super repellent bath and go with pants. I went with shorts and even passing repellent, my leg was looking like I had a chickenpox at the end.

After that, Tati and Tiago decided to return to the hotel while Pedro and I continued to the first waterfall, you will see the sign for it in the middle of the trail. I found this first waterfall the most beautiful of all, it is a bit taller and has several rocks around in an open area, forming several natural pools. When we arrived there, it was raining, so we were also entitled to a natural bath. I do not know how long we stayed there looking at the waterfall, but regardless of how long it was I’m sure it was not enough.

My dear people, here I want to open a parenthesis about how smart I am. Returning home, at some point of this walk, my cell phone fell, yes, I let my cell phone fall in the middle of a trail in a forest, with river, stones , more river, more stones, more forest, kill me please. But yes, somewhere in the middle of this vast world my cell phone fell, and of course, I desperately wanted to come back to look for it. Pedro, the favorite one, went with me to search, and after crossing the river twice already, I was already walking anguished and helpless, my cell phone was lost forever in the jungle woods and I’m still paying for it! When then, while I was kicking the dirt floor and cursing the world for such misfortune of destiny (yes of destiny, he is the guilty one), Pedro shouted that he had found the bastard! And in my great joy I forgot the promises made to whoever was listening and hugged my beloved: my cell phone! Then I thanked Pedro for finding the phone in the middle of the rocks and closer to the river than the factory recommendation allows. I do not even need to explain why Pedros’s nickname is Pedro, the favorite one, right?

Well, after such adventure, Pedro and I still had to walk back to the hotel because our friends got the car, and there came the inevitable conversation about the possibility of our survival if we were lost in the jungle, well, considering our knowledge acquired with the Discovery Channel programs we concluded that we definitive would survive, and probably still do better than all those soldiers that go to the program Leads and Peeled. Bunch of soft people 😂😂

On the last day we went to Praia Brava (angry beach). One of my favorite beaches of all. But to arrive there you need energy as you can’t drive there. You need to do an one hour trail more or less, for arrive at a beach with white sand, no people and rough seas. Great for surfers. But to our grief, as soon as we lie down, it started to rain and it did not stop. We spent our hour at the beach squeezed under a tree fleeing the cold and deciding that the beach was beautiful but goodbye, we’re leaving.

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